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목공 페스툴 TS55 플런지쏘 사용방법을 소개해드려요~


공구 읽어주는 남자 공구남자입니다.

페스툴에서 나오는 TS 55를 사용해서 테이블쏘 없이도

가구를 충분히 제작할 수 있어 가성비가 훌륭한 제품입니다.

집진 기능과 타사 제품에 비해 저소음으로 작동하여 매력적인 제품입니다.

한번 살펴보세요~

제품 구매 바로가기: https://vo.la/ufFHW

Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw - Getting Started

In this video, we'll go through the various features and functions of the TS 55 REQ Track Saw as well as setup and calibration. Also covered are some of the more popular accessories. Many of these same techniques apply to the discontinued TS 55 EQ and the TS 75 EQ. For more information about Festool track saws, see http://www.tracksaw.com.

- Calibrating the track saw to the guide rail
- Connecting the track saw to a dust extractor
- Trimming the guide rail splinterguard strip
- Adjusting the blade speed of the track saw
- Optionally applying the included imperial depth of cut scale (in your owners manual)
- Adjusting the depth of cut, including micro-adjustment for precision cuts
- Making various types of cuts, including bevel cuts
- Installing the outside splinterguard for splinter-free off cuts
- Changing the saw blade
- Connecting two or more guide rails for additional cut capacity (length)
- Making a plunge cut into a panel
- Using the optional guide rail protractor for angle cuts
- Using optional clamps with your guide rail

Railsaws: Makita SP6000 vs Festool TS55

You know Festool is good, but so is Makita and do you really need to pay more?

There are lots of railsaw choices on the market these days, but for many professional users or very serious DIYers it still often comes down to a close call between these two models as a balance of features and price - The Festool TS 55 vs the Makita SJ6000.

So what are the real differences between them? This video will answer your questions with plenty of up-close shots side by side, as well as clear explanations from an experienced user, and showing the saws in use, ensuring you come away with a detailed knowledge of the pros and cons of both machines.

Not an unboxing video, this video is valuable as a comparison of how these saws have faired after years of heavy usage in a professional workshop and site environment.

For further railsaw comparisons check out Peter Millard’s recent video comparing this Festool saw to the Mafell:

And also John Jones’ more recent review of his Dewalt tracksaws, both corded and cordless:




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